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How to Style a Gallery Art Wall

One of the latest trends in home decor is a gallery art wall.

The problem is there are so many options when it comes to framing, sizing and choosing what photos or posters to actually put in your frames.

What colour frames do I choose?

What sizes should the pictures be?

However once you have an idea of how it can look this can be a wonderful feature if you have a large and empty wall space or want to decorate a hallway or staircase wall.

Here are a few ideas on layout designs and size options to help you.

I love the above idea from Decor Adventures.

Here are 9 helpful diagrams to give you an idea of how sizes look together.

Framing Options

You can either go with one colour (black, white, gold, silver etc), complimenting colours, (neutrals work well together) or a mixture.

Black and white is always a good option, no matter what your home decor colour scheme. However choosing black frames does make life easier as you don't have to worry so much about the colour of the pictures or photography you choose that go in the frames as black pretty much always looks good.

Having a mixture of colours is the toughest option as they all have to match cohesively and also look good with what is inside the frames, i.e. the photos or posters

Remember, in most cases, you don’t want the frame to be the focal point, but the artwork inside. (click here to get a free fine art print worth $30!).


Here are a few questions to ask yourself to get you started on choosing and designing your perfect photo wall.

Remember don't miss out on your free art print to get your gallery art wall started. I'm giving you one of my fine art prints that sells in my Etsy shop for $30. (If you are a wine lover you don't want to miss out on this!!)


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