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Interiors Inspired by Paris, Lisbon, Dublin & Amsterdam

1. Paris, France

When someone says “Paris”, we tend to all think of the same things in terms of decor: beautiful apartments with high ceilings, gilt mirrors and large windows framed by breezy white curtains (hopefully with a view of the Eiffel Tower!). Even if you currently don’t live in the French capital, you can still decorate your home with Paris-inspired accents!

While it’s not always easy to find French antiques (or affordable!), an inspired color palette and sticking to a theme can go a long way.

  • Marble accents

  • Gold mirrors

  • Off-white and cream colours

  • Crystal light fixtures

  • Candles

  • `Fresh flowers

2. Lisbon, Portugal

For a few years now, Lisbon has been THE city destination of Southern Europe. With its balmy weather, charming cobbled streets and amazing food scene, what’s not to love? And Lisbon has bags of style as well. Think colorful tiles, warm colours and vibrant fabrics. With relatively affordable prices, Lisbon is home to a wide variety of expats from across the world. It has a lively arts scene that keeps things fresh and exciting.

  • Rich azure blues, carnation yellow

  • Colourful wall and floor tiles

  • Local handicrafts, such as pottery and art

3. Dublin, Ireland

While modern-day Dublin might be a high-tech business hub, we will take our decor inspiration from its rich literary history. Think dark, warm tones and floor-to-cieling libraries. Writing desks and wing-back chairs. Roaring fires and rain splattered windows.

  • Dark reds, browns and greens

  • Leather and wood

  • Lots of books

  • Cozy lighting

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you are obsessed with color, look no further than Amsterdam style. Their fearless use of color is inspiring and uplifting. It will make the ubiquitous beige and grey decor currently in en vogue everywhere else look empty and lifeless.

With its position in Northern Europe, Amsterdam gets its share of dull and rainy days. Which is why color is all the more important.

So, how to bring color into your decor without it looks garish or like a child’s room? Focus on two things: (1), stick to clean lines, unfussy furniture and minimal knick-knacks and clutter. (2), don’t repeat your bright colors. If you choose a couple and make it a theme throughout your decor, it will soon look tired. Instead, pick out a couple of functional pieces to go with your more staid decor. If this sounds too scary, start with art! Choose bold and bright pieces and see how they transform a room. It might give you the courage to be braver with your decorating!


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