5 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

So for most of us summer is ending and we are thinking about spending more time indoors. This is a time to think about brightening up a room or two with some cosy autumn colours. Think warm browns, oranges and reds. There are so many ways to add some fall colour to a room and not all of them mean complete redecorating. Here are five quick ways to add some autumn colour and a cosy welcome to different rooms in your home. *Keep reading to find out how to save $10 off my wall decor :) Kitchen Whether you have a big eat in kitchen or a small apartment sized kitchen, it's somewhere when you spend part of every day. First thing in the morning it's nice to have some bright colours to cheer you as y

5 Ways to Use French Vintage in Your Home

A lot of the year I live in France so I am 'on the ground' when it comes to sourcing awesome French vintage pieces for my home. However even if you live elsewhere in Europe, Australia, The USA etc it isn't hard to find some lovely and authentic pieces to add this fabulous style to a room or even your whole house. There are two rooms in particular where I like to use this style trend. The bedroom and the living room. Below are 5 great ideas on living room and bedroom decor using French vintage pieces and styles and where you can source them (without getting on a plane and flying to France!). 1. Colour! Even the colour you choose for your walls can add greatly to this style. Think pale pastels

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