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My Top 5 Cities for a Winter Weekend Break

While most people save up to take a trip when the sun is definitely shining, there are benefits to a winter break too! While the weather might not always be ideal, the museums are quieter, the streets are less crowded…a winter break is a perfect way to break up the monotony of the season. Even just a few days away from your routine can be energising and inspiring. Here are my top 5 ideas for your next winter break…

  1. Barcelona, Spain

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In the summer, you cannot move down the Passeig de Gracia for tourists, and yes, if you go in the summertime, you are one of them. With it’s sunny weather and proximity to the sea, Barcelona is an enormously popular holiday destination. Out of season, the place is still bustling with students and locals.

With abundant walking tours and lovely cafes, it is the perfect place to pass a weekend. With its temperate climate, the weather never gets too cold. All the major tourist attractions are open, with significantly shorter queues. If you are there for longer, the nearby destinations of Girona and Monserrat are both accessible by train.

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2. Venice, Italy

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Like Barcelona, Venice is a hugely popular place to visit in the summer. In the winter it rains frequently and the streets are less accessible due to the flooding of the canals. Of course, such dramatic happenings might be exactly what appeals to you about visiting in the Winter! With its labyrinthine streets and romantic, wind-swept islands, Venice is the perfect place for a Winter break.

While Place Saint Marco and the Dogue’s Palace will still be busy with tourists, you will have the rest of the city to yourself. Venice is best experienced by wandering the streets and getting as lost as possible, before stumbling across a cozy bar where you can wait for the rain to pass. Just remember to take some wellington boots!

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3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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A stylish and urbane city that is perfect for a short weekend trip. Full of beautiful boutiques and photo opportunities that even a rainy day can’t ruin. Walk or bike around the centre and make sure to visit some of the finest art collections in Europe at either the Van Gogh Museum or Rijjksmuseum.

You can easily wile away an afternoon if the weather doesn’t improve. It is also very affordable and fast to take a 10-minute train journey to either Haarlem or Leiden. Wear comfortable (but stylish!) Shoes and listen out for bikes!

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4. Lisbon, Portugal

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If you can put up with cold but not the grey cloudy skies, Lisbon is the city break for you. Sunny and coastal, this popular capital is the perfect place change up your Winter blues. Whilst it is becoming rapidly the No.1 expat destination, it is still an affordable place for a short break.

Lisbon is a hill-ly city, so you will really benefit from the lower temperatures rather than trying to navigate these streets in 30+ degrees! Like many European capitals, Lisbon has both profited and suffered from a huge influx of tourism in recent years. By travelling in the quiet season, you can benefit the locals who may rely on tourism income.

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5. Dublin, Ireland

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Is your idea of a perfect winter trip wandering around old streets before winding up at a cozy pub for some Irish whiskey? Then make Dublin your next Winter trip!

Many people are drawn to Ireland to trace their routes. Whether or not this the case for you, it is the perfect place when you want to be steeped in history and culture. Many classic attractions, such as whiskey distilleries are also indoors, so you can experience the best of Irish culture no matter the weather!

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