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How to Decorate Mindfully in 2024 : The Quiet Luxury Trend

It’s common for trends to vacillate wildly - out with the old, in with the new! This includes home decor trends, too. If if you’re not an avid trend follower, you still might be influenced by what you seen on social media or in the shops. In which case, you might have noticed a huge swing from loud, maximalist, colorful decor to its near polar-opposite: muted colours and shapes with a focus on beautiful, luxurious materials. If “Maximalism” screams, “Quiet Luxury” whispers.

If you feel like you need a decor re-set in the new year, this interiors trend could be just the ticket. With its unfussy aesthetic, the new year is an always a good time to bring things back to basics and items of quality that will stand the test of time. Read our short guide below to help you on your way…

  1. High Quality

Don't overdecorate - let your well-chosen decor do the talking

In way, “Quiet Luxury” is a non-trend trend, in the sense that it doesn’t rely on particular colours or items. It can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it telegraphs a certain chic-ness that prizes quality and substance over quick trend items that will look outdated this time next year. This means choosing your decor with longevity in mind. This doesn’t have to necessary mean expensive. For example, vintage and antiques furniture and home pieces are often more affordable than new pieces, and are more likely to be better quality. Keep an eye out for pieces made of quality materials.

Think chairs and tables made of real wood instead of composite or particle board; blankets, throws and rugs made of 100% wool.

2. Luxurious Minimalism

A limited color palette is brought to life through interesting and luxurious textures

This year we are reducing mindfully, clearing out the clutter and deciding to keep what actually matters. If you have been a collector or compulsive shopper, this will not be easy. But this look aims not for sparse or extreme minimalism, but having radically less. This means surfaces and walls de-cluttered and keeping/buying a few select pieces that bring you joy.

Instead of getting rid of everything in one fell swoop, trying to do so in a way that feels good. After all, every item you’ve bought can hold memories, or at the very least have cost money. So donate or gift items with care, up-cycle where you can and sell what you don’t want to keep - try Facebook Marketplace, or host a garage sale! The idea is to mindfully reduce what you have - not chasing a trend that will require buying even more stuff in six months time.

Art is personality for your walls. Shop Here

If you are starting from zero, don’t rush into buying a load of things in a panic to fill your home. Try buying the bare essentials and adding one new piece a time. You might be surprised that you need a lot less than you think, and this will allow your chosen pieces to shine instead of competing for attention.

3. Classics Redefined

The smallest decor choices can have the biggest impact

With this trend, we are not changing our aesthetic, we are honing in on what we love and gravitate towards and leaning in to that. This might mean upgrading our existing decor, or looking at what you’re working with now and considering how you can make better use of what you have. This is especially helpful if you what to bring in some new decor but are on a limited budget. It also works well if you are drawn to classic, traditional design elements but want to pare it down. It might mean recovering cushions, getting new curtains or blinds, re-painting your rooms in neutral, warm tones. It could mean searching for that one art piece that really speaks to you.

If you get stuck on the design, break yourself out of the mood by focusing on a reduced color palette instead, or being really intentional about the materials you use. For example, you might not have the budget to buy new couches, but you could cover them in a rough, textured linen slipcover in white or ecru. And voila, the biggest furniture pieces in your living room are now a blank canvas to work with, and the linen will feel cool and comfortable to the touch.

4. Timeless Elegance

Art can capture timelessness. Shop here

In a digital age of constantly competing influences, aesthetics and styles, what does “timeless” mean now? If you’ve been a trend-follower with a weakness for constant new-ness, this could be a radical way of re-thinking what it means to decorate your home. As in, what if you find your “forever” pieces and style and just…leave it?

Unlike our wardrobe, which wears out after a few years and needs replacing, it is possible to buy something for a home once and not replace it for many, many years. This can mean swapping out buying a lot of things often and cheaply for buying just a few special things at more expense but will continue to last. It’s about buying things you truly love, rather than things to fit an aesthetic or trend that is popular on social media.

What about you? Are you ready to embrace “quiet luxury” in 2024? Comment below!


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