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8 Farmhouse Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

We've come up with our top 8 ideas to add some rustic charm to your home. Whether you love everything French "shabby chic" or an industrial look, these ideas will inspire you to do some decorating that will bring coziness and character to your home!

Farmhouse decor has been a big trend for the last decade or so. The reason it has stuck around is probably because there's so many directions you can go in and so many possibilities.

  1. Open up your kitchen shelves

This is a great idea, especially if you happen to have a lovely collection of crockery and other nice looking kitchen accoutrements. If you didn't inherit any family heirlooms from Grandma, try looking in your local thrift stores or even estate sales. And since "farmhouse style" seems to be evergreen, you can pick up great looking items like mason jars and storage pots at stores like Target.

2. Beautiful textures

A way to invoke the warmth of a farmhouse style is through beautiful, natural textures. Think

cozy woven throws for your couch like sheepskin or knitted wool, textured wood surfaces, or linen for your tablecloths or seat covers. Natural fibres like rattan, wicker or cane also bring a vintage look. These types of natural materials and fabrics are not only pleasing to look at but are also sturdy and long lasting, a real wool blanket will keep you a lot warmer than any throw made of synthetic material.

3. A few carefully chosen antiques

Nice and reasonably priced antiques are not always easy to come by, but a few well-selected pieces can transform a space. Farmhouse pieces are usually practical as well - think wide kitchen tables, pine dressers, cedar boxes and other solid pieces in warm wood-y hues that will stand the test of time. They may be an investment, but they won't be one you'll regret. If you have a little time on your hands, keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace for pieces that need a little TLC. With a few supplies and good Youtube videos, you can make them look good as new!

4. Paint what you can't replace

If you're considering a whole house makeover, it might not be possible for you to replace every item of furniture just yet. But even if you can splurge, think before you throw away. If a current item doesn't fit this new look, a coat of paint can go a long way! A worn out dining set can look as good as new in a quality chalk paint. You don't need to be a up-cycling expert, so don't be afraid to give it a go. The worst that that can happen is that you have to strip it off or paint over it again.

5. Bring the garden inside

The downside of the farmhouse decor trend is that it can turn into a sea of various beiges and creams, with little depth or personality. After all, it's meant to be your home, not a magazine feature! If you have green fingers, think about bringing some of your plant friends inside. Plants add texture and much need color to rooms. You can keep it on theme with vintage terracotta or wicker pots.

6. Vintage inspired art

Photo by me, shop here

This is an inexpensive way to add vintage charm. Collect vintage frames from flea markets and thrift stores or up-cycle frames you already have with some chalk paint. It can be a fun project-slash-hobby collecting vintage paintings, but make sure to make it your own by adding in family photos and other meaningful things that will personalise your walls.

7. Stock up the fireplace

Photo by @koekilian

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with an intact fireplace, working or not, take advantage of this cozy feature. An unused fireplace can look fantastic as a focal point with tall candles or stacked logs. A wood-burner can be a great source of heating as well as bringing farmhouse charm.

8. The perfect farmhouse kitchen

In most homes, people gravitate to the kitchen. It is the centre of all activity, the communal meeting space for busy families. The farmhouse theme can make it an even more inviting place to pass the time whilst also staying fully functional.

Whether you are doing a full re-model or just a refresh, you could think about some of these country-inspired decor ideas:

  • An exposed brick backsplash

  • Butler sink

  • Chicken-wire cupboards

  • Wooden bar stools

  • Reclaimed / salvaged wooden floors

  • A ceiling pot rack

Remember, the best thing about farmhouse style decor is that it is warm and inviting. Avoid seeking perfection and embrace the beauty of loved, quality items with history.


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