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5 Fabulous Fall Decor Ideas

So for most of us summer is ending and we are thinking about spending more time indoors. This is a time to think about brightening up a room or two with some cosy autumn colours. Think warm browns, oranges and reds.

There are so many ways to add some fall colour to a room and not all of them mean complete redecorating.

Here are five quick ways to add some autumn colour and a cosy welcome to different rooms in your home.

*Keep reading to find out how to save $10 off my wall decor :)



Whether you have a big eat in kitchen or a small apartment sized kitchen, it's somewhere when you spend part of every day. First thing in the morning it's nice to have some bright colours to cheer you as you wait for the coffee to brew or the kettle to boil.



Again this is somewhere you spend a large amount of your time, especially if you are like me and read in bed! So make it a lovely bright and inviting space with gorgeous bedding and beautiful low lighting.


Living Room

Think cosy throws and soft oversized cushions in warm autumn colours. A living room should be a meeting place for friends and family and a place to relax so making a comfy sitting area is a must.


Dining Room

Apart from a nice table display, which is very easy to do with flowers in fall colours or other autumnal arrangements, an easy way to add some seasonal style to this room is wall art in warm colours. It doesn't necessarily have to be an autumn scene but it's more about the colours that you choose that will bring the whole look together.

For a limited time only, just one week, I'm offering a fabulous $10 off the artwork below! (use code XRZUTC at checkout)

You can buy this unframed or framed, on canvas, acrylic, wood or metal or as a greetings card and use the discount on anything you buy, no minimum.

The offer expires on 30th September.



I have two words for this, towels and a shower curtain (ok, that's three!). Actually there are so many little ways you can dress up the look of your bathroom but these two things will make the most impact.


PS. The $10 off coupon will actually work for anything you like from my online shop. There are almost 4000 images on there so I am pretty sure you will find something that you like! Let me know if you are looking for something in particular, I'd love to help. (

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