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5 Ways to Use French Vintage in Your Home

A lot of the year I live in France so I am 'on the ground' when it comes to sourcing awesome French vintage pieces for my home. However even if you live elsewhere in Europe, Australia, The USA etc it isn't hard to find some lovely and authentic pieces to add this fabulous style to a room or even your whole house.

There are two rooms in particular where I like to use this style trend. The bedroom and the living room.

Below are 5 great ideas on living room and bedroom decor using French vintage pieces and styles and where you can source them (without getting on a plane and flying to France!).


1. Colour!

Even the colour you choose for your walls can add greatly to this style. Think pale pastels, blues and greys and lots of white. This definitely adds a French Country twist to a shabby chic home.


2. Mirrors and Picture Frames

Think ornate and gilded, silver or white. No boring corners but carved and beautiful.

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3. Candlesticks

A lovely grouping of mismatched and authentic French vintage candlesticks is a lovely feature in a living room or bedroom. They can be placed above a fireplace, on a side table or on a dressing table or window sill.

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4. Enamelware and Vintage Cups

This isn't just for the kitchen! An old enamel jug or bowl is a lovely way to display flowers (big bunches of pale pink peonies or roses) or fruit, and who said cups were just for drinking out of?! I have a couple of beautiful little vintage cups and saucers that I use in my bedroom on my dresser to hold my jewellery, one for rings and earrings and one for bracelets.

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5. Furniture

If you want to go a little further than the smaller accessories then a few well chosen pieces of furniture such as a sweet vintage chair in the corner of a bedroom or a beautifully ornate wardrobe just adds perfectly to the look. In the living room an ornate chandelier will stand out against gorgeously pale pastel colours and simple accents.

Sourcing French vintage furniture: Try Ebay or Etsy or Googe 'French Vintage Furniture' which will bring up results close to your location or country.

Pinterest also has some fabulous decor ideas if you need inspiration!

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Extra French vintage idea! ART!!

Yes I know all my blog posts get around to the wall decor eventually, but, hey, that's my thing ;)

A gorgeous piece of French vintage art, whether genuinely old or a print or a photograph in the shabby chic vintage style, can finish off a room nicely.

It doesn't have to be a piece by Monet! We have picked up some lovely little paintings locally which can also be sourced online and shipped to you quite reasonably. A handy contact is Victoria from the Etsy shop Ancienesthetique along with her husband Trevor who is a furniture restorer in the heart of France. She ships worldwide and can source anything for you vintage wise.

Above and below are a couple of examples of my shabby chic style photography. Photos taken in France of genuine French vintage. Shipped straight to your home AND...... as a thank you for reading my blog post please use this code - FRENCH25 - for 25% off anything in my shop. This includes everything with no minimum order.

Click here now to go straight to my Etsy shop to choose your print before they sell out!



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