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7 Ways Accessories Can Change a Room

If you are anything like me you get bored with the same look year after year! Whether it's your hair, clothes or home decor. But...what if you don't have the time, energy or resources to completely redecorate? You want a new look to your room but don't want to spend weeks achieving it!

Below are 7 quick options for updating your 'look' and making a change. None of them have to cost much or take much time. It's up to you.

1/ Throw Some Pillows

This is a super fast option to change or brighten a rooms style.

Consider matching or contrasting the pillows to the throw or throws, changing them with the seasons or to complement any up and coming holiday periods.

2/ Shine Some Light

Some new lamps dotted around or a larger floor lamp to make a statement is a good way to change things around a bit.

Keep in mind the size of your room when choosing though, as you don't want to overwhelm a small room with a lamp that's too big.

Candles on end tables and shelves are also a nice touch and you can match them easily to the colours in your room.

3/ Rug Love

This can change the look of a room massively. It can be a bright pop of colour in an otherwise monochrome room or complement the furnishings you already have.

A modern geometric design gives a lovely Scandi touch if you keep everything else minimal and uncluttered. (More on that in a future post!)

4/ The Art of Pictures

This is obviously my favourite! But not necessarily because it's my 'thing', more because it is so very easy to do.

Buying a new rug or floor lamp can be quite a big purchase, but buying some new art doesn't have to be. For a start you can get a completely free and awesome kitchen print here!

Depending on your budget you can go all out with a gallery wall or a large piece of art. But if you just want something smaller consider choosing a larger mat and frame to make the actual piece bigger.

5/ Shells, Fruit, Flowers & other Things in Bowls

This is a fun way to style a room and can really show off your style and personality.

A big bowl of greenery, pinecones, twigs and other rustic looking things.

A jar or bowl of shells or a mixture of sand and seashells (that's my favourite). We have one of shells collected from our time in SE Asia along with some sand from a beach we visited for our 25th wedding anniversary. Every time I look at it, I think of the wonderful time we had.

A big display of bright flowers. This can be from your own garden or bought specially. Super easy to change it up too. And don't forget indoor plants to give that lovely healthy green look (they last longer than flowers too!).

A big bowl of bright fruit, either one type (just apples, oranges etc) or a nice mixture. Match the bowl to your decor.

6/ Change with the Seasons

Think about small touches that can change with the seasons. Not only the obvious like flowers for spring and pinecones for autumn but also the colours you use. Winter can be more muted. Think whites, greys and more neutral colours. Autumn can be browns and oranges etc.

Seasons can also be holiday seasons, so small touches to dress up whatever holiday you will be celebrating can be a nice way to change things quickly in a room.

7/ Sit at my Feet

Well not really...! But a stool can be a good statement piece. It can also be used as a table for a drinks / snack tray or to display some books and magazines.

It can also be moved around, put in front of the fireplace and take centre stage or under the window for an extra place to sit (especially if you have a lovely view).


So that's it! Seven quick way to decorate without actually redecorating. Do you have any other quick tips to change things up in a home. I'd love to hear them. Let me know in the comment section below.

And, before you go, as a reward for reading this far :), sign up below and get an awesome downloadable print from my wine collection for your dining room or kitchen wall decor.


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