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My Top 7 Home Decor Trends for 2022

  1. The New Traditional

Photo from here After several years of increasingly spare and minimal decor reigning, traditional decor is pushing back! It’s all about sumptuous furnishing, chintzy fabrics and vintage art. “Grandma” style is making waves and it’s super easy and inexpensive to give your home a whole new look. Your best finds are going to be thrifted antiques and vintage. So if this look speaks to you, hit up your local thrift store, antique centres as well as online re-sale sites like Craigslist and Ebay!

2. Work at Home Spaces

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The pandemic convinced millions of people that returning to office life was not for them. If you’re also considering a move to working from home permanently, you are probably going to need to transition from working at your kitchen table to working at a dedicated work space. If your living space is limited for options, it might transforming a section of your living space into a functional area that enables you to easily get ready for the work day. But don’t sacrifice style in the name of functionality! Your work space can be both productive and stylish place.

  • Choose a desk that pairs well with your existing decor

  • Use storage solutions so you can clear any mess away easily at the end of the day

  • Add a few creative touches, such as your favourite art or some green plants to keep you inspired through out the work day.

3. All about plants

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Speaking of plants…the pandemic inspired us all to try our hand at keeping some plants alive to liven up our homes. This trend is bigger than ever in 2022, especially tropical varietals like massive monstera leaves and majestic banana leaves. Plants can bring much needed color and life to dull or monochrome decor. If you feel like you need a change but don’t want commit too much, why not try adding some plants to your rooms ?

4. Upcycle and Reuse

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Mid-century inspired decor has been big for a couple of years, as has been “upcycling” dated furniture with a coat of paint or some new hardware. 2022’s take on vintage decor is less quick fixes and more about well-chosen pieces brought back to life through careful restoration. With its clean line and modernist appeal, Mid-century decor continues to lead the way. But there’s also been a resurgence in the bold, graphic shapes of 1930s Art Deco inspired design with circular mirror and globular light fixtures. When it comes to vintage in 2022, its less about the particular decade and more about amazing pieces that speak to you.

5. Soft earth tones

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Stalwart fans of minimal decor and design are being drawn to a new palette of colours - soft, muted earth tones. Think ochre, brick, burnt Sienna, olive green, etc. These serene tones are soothing on the eye and help to bring nature inside. This is especially pleasing idea if your home has been a minimal white and chrome prison for the last two years. The great thing about this color trend is it works everywhere - it can serve as inspiration for paint colours, soft furnishes or even artwork. As autumn arrives, consider toning down the coolness with some warmer tones, such as deep browns or forest greens.

6. Layers of textures

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Some people will never be drawn to minimalism, and that’s okay! One of 2022’s other biggest trends was “maximalist” - piling on the color, texture and patterns with outrageous wallpaper, eye-popping colours and beautiful art. The hardest thing about nailing this trend is that there are no rules - you will have to let a discerning eye be your guide about when this much becomes “too much”. But overall, this trend is about having fun and the joy of color.

7. Inviting Entertaining Spaces

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Everyone is excited about being able to host parties and dinners in their homes again. This might mean you need a dining room upgrade. Your dining space should be an inviting and comfortable space to spend a couple of hours. A lacklustre space can be easily transformed with some delicate lighting and an inspired table setting.


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